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How to learn a language as a native speaker?

Listen and listen:

Make sureeverything you are listening to is in your target language: music, radio, news, people you talk to…It does not matter if you understand or not but take at least 15 min EVERYDAY to listen actively to it.

Change the settings of your devices:

Changing the settings of your laptop, phone, Alexa and in general all your electronic devices will set your mind on automatic thinking mode on your target language.

Create your own context:

Think on specific situations and start thinking on what to say if… This exercises is great to make you aware of lacking vocabulary and to get more confidency and fluency in your target language.

Thinking in your target language:

Plan your day, set your to-do list, talk to yourself, think … in your target laguage. your brain will start naturally considering this foreing language as your own, it is also a great way to be aware of those words that you might need to look up on the dictionary which will increase your lexic.

Understand the context:

When listening apr reading, focus only on the context even more than in each little word. with time and discipline you will understand completely very soon.

Get social:

Find a virtual or local community that speaks the language, put yourself outside your house and listen carefully to it, repeat in your mind ans speak up. Relax and speak up! after a while you will master the skill.